'The more I gaze at Heloise’s portraits, splendiferous in talent and colour, the more I fancy myself in a picture. Her paintings have a modernity you just don’t associate with portraiture. And they are reassuringly a long way from Lucian Freud and even further Francis Bacon, the names we now link to contemporary portraiture. You would feel genuinely afraid of an exhibition called 'Kith and Kin' by either of these hard-hitting, hugely celebrated artists, but that is the title of one of Heloise’s shows.. Is it because she is so young, open and devoid of pretension that her works are instantly more accessible? She is half in love with her subjects. They may be children, teachers or public figures, but they all appear to radiate a kind of warmth imbued by their creator. '

    Anne Garvey - The Cambridge Critique 2020

    'Heloise drew a pencil portrait of my sister for her 40th birthday. Absolutely true to life and captured the essence of her character to a tee. The unveiling was a moment my sister and I will never forget. Pure magic. Thank you!'

    Laura, Cambridge 2020

    'It was a real pleasure to have my portrait painted by Heloise. As well as being a very engaging person with an easy going manner, Heloise is a very talented artist with a great eye for detail. I am very happy with the result. I would thoroughly recommend the experience.'

    Peter, Cambridge 2020

    'I commissioned Heloise in 2018 for a portrait of myself at the request of my family. The result was a masterpiece of skill and talent. The likeness and attention to detail was uncanny and beautifully presented. As a result I commissioned her again earlier this year, and the painting of an African wild dog is exemplary in every respect and much admired by all. Heloise has a unique gift as a portrait painter and I commend her to you.'

    Graham, Cambridge 2019

    'You’ve made the whole experience, for an initially very reluctant subject, a complete pleasure and created a portrait that beautifully captures me and things that are important to me. The light and reflections are superb and everyone has commented on how you’ve caught a very typical expression. I cannot thank you enough – you’re a truly great talent!'

    Dr Lingwood, Madingley Hall, Cambridge

    'I just wanted to thank you for the lovely painting of A and K. It is a beautiful likeness of them; I particularly like the way you have made them look very natural and relaxed.'

    Sarah, Cambridge

    'Thank you so much, it's perfect and I'm still moving it around the house to see where I like it most!'

    Sarah.C, Cambridge

    'We love them and will enjoy them forever, great thanks to you!'

    Odile, Cambridge

    'A natural success story' and ' Always a positive presence, she is drawn to bright colours, fancy dress and quirky styles, resulting in portraits that exude a unique joie de vivre, and this explains her loyal following in Cambridge, and why her work is so rapturously received by the public.'

    Debut Contemporary Gallery, Notting Hill, London

    'Thank you it truly is amazing! I had to give it to him early. He absolutely loved it'

    Rhona, Cambridge

    'Looks like the paintings aren't going to be in my office after
    all -- my wife insists that we're keeping them in the lounge!'

    Andrew, Cambridge

    'I think it's one of your best paintings... But then I'm biased!!'

    Colin, Cambridge

    'It's even more stunning in real life!'

    Brad, London

    'We have been singing your praises in the school playground!'

    Sarah.S, Cambridge

    'Thank you very much for our wonderful painting. We presented it to my wife this evening and her first response was that it is "absolutely stunning". As you know this was a intended to be a present for a very special birthday and we all agree that your painting exceeded our expectations. I think I said when we first met that I hoped that it would be something that is passed down the family in years to come. I have no doubts that it will indeed be a treasured family heirloom.'

    Steve.B, Cambridge

    'How could we not be pleased? Fantastic portraits and many thanks.... Just regret it took us two years to ask you.
    Many many thanks and best wishes for your future success.'

    Steve and Angela, Cambridge

    'Visited Heloise's Open Studio today. My opinion hasn't changed since I discovered her artwork two or three years ago: this girl is brilliant, and you're always warmly welcomed when you visit her. There are new artworks on display, and I heard of a project connected with literature which I will be waiting for with excitement. Just go!'

    Henri, Cambridge

    'Heloise's mastery of the paint palette is breathtaking; from delicate eyelashes to wispy strands of hair, her depiction is stunningly realistic.'

    Style Magazine

    I love it!!! It is soooooooooooo fantastic! It's like you can work magic!!!

    Monika - Age 11, Cambridge

    'Wow! It looks amazing. Very happy with it.'

    Brad, London

    'Heloise Toop is simply one of the very best and most exciting young portrait artists in Britain today. We have six Toop portraits, every one of which is seriously brilliant - ask Heloise to paint someone you know, work with, love: all her portraits will be stunning!'

    Dr Christopher Catherwood MA, M.Litt, Ph.D, FRHistS, Cambridge

    'You couldn't have done a better job!'

    Lotti, Cambridge

    'Painting looks wonderful, can't stop looking at it! Thank you so, so, so much!'

    Coralie, Soham

    'They look so pretty!'

    Helen, Cambridge

    'We keep inviting people round to see it!'

    Sonia, Cambridge

    'I think what got me was that they have a kind of hyper-realist quality, but there is something calm, rather than cruel, about the way they expose their subjects.'

    Susie, http://uselessbeautydesigns.blogspot.com/

    'I'm really pleased with it!'

    Stella, Waterbeach

    'I am ecstatic with it!'

    Kim, Aberystwyth

    'It's like he's in the room with me.'

    Felica, Cambridge

    'We're enjoying your wonderful pictures in our house already.'

    Ian, Cambridge

    'Heloise Toop works in oils and her specialisation is in portraiture. I think there is something strong and yet very sensitive about her work, and she seems to capture a vulnerability and humanity in her works.'

    Clive Christy - Art Critic

    'We're delighted with your portrait. Thank you so much: it is now a family treasure!'

    Alex, Cambridge

    'We love it!'

    Rob, Cambridge