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When undertaking a commission, the first stage is to talk to the client about what they would like and then advising them on the best way to achieve this in terms of composition and size.
I then invite the client to my studio in Cambridge, or travel to them in order to take a series of my own photographs to take away and work from.
Before I begin, I will go through the photos via email or in person with the client until we agree on a suitable one to base the painting on.
I will then start the painting which will take 4 weeks on average to complete, although this can vary depending on urgency, size of canvas or current waiting list.
I am happy for clients to come to my studio to see paintings in progress, or email images of it at various stages.
When I believe the portrait is completed I will invite the client to come and see it. It is then that any final changes can be made before varnishing and framing if required.

Prices for a single head and shoulders Oil on 16" x 20" Canvas start at £700.
An additional head and shoulders will cost an extra £100.
A second additional head and shoulders will cost an extra £50.
Costs for more than three people in a painting are negotiable.
Please contact me for an accurate quote, or click PRICING for more details.