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Eleven Too
Eleven Too
Acrylic on Linen
14" x 18"

Eleven One and Eleven Too


This is Aliana. My art student, little friend and muse. Aliana likes to let her creativity explode during our lessons. She often has me frantically scrubbing painted smiley faces off the floor, mod roc out of my hair and running at her with tissue to remove the acrylic moustaches that she adorns herself with. I have known this lunatic since she was a baby eleven years ago and I have watched her blossom in to this amazing little whirlwind of madness. After I persuaded her to let me paint her (She originally said she'd only do it if I made her a zombie), I got her to dress in something that she thought reflected her personality. She chose a bowler hat, her dwarf hamster and of course, purple facial hair. In the next painting I asked her to look to the side as if she was seeing this strange character for the first time. I wanted to capture her, her madness and the teenager she is on the brink of becoming. I love this weirdo, and I hope these will make her smile for years to come.