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Hermanas 1
Acrylic on Linen



Working with the theme of 'Family' for my Kith & Kin exhibition in March, I asked these two beautiful sisters to model for me. Ale is one of my best friends. She and her sister Maqui have such a sweet, funny and close relationship, I thought it would be a crime not to immortalise it. For these paintings I asked the girls to lie on the floor with their hair spread out around them. I got them to look in the direction of each other so their pupils would meet when the paintings were hung next to each other. Both hailing from Peru, I thought it would be a nice addition to include some flora and fauna native to South America. Ale left the country for a bigger adventure yesterday and I already miss her terribly, but every time I look at the ethereal beauty of these two, I can't help but smile.