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Dr Lingwood
Oil on Linen
16" x 20"

Dr Lingwood


I was privileged enough to be asked to paint the first female director of Madingley Hall in Cambridge, Dr Lingwood. She was the Director of the Institute of Continuing Education there, and also the warden.

As well as her work at Madingley Hall, Dr Lingwood researches fluid dynamics in Stockholm, where she has a part-time professorship. We decided to give a nod to this part of her life in the painting by including the small wind turbine, and the Dala horse which is a traditional Swedish statuette.

For the painting, she sat on the windowsill of a small window in her office. You can see the beautiful grounds of the Hall in the background. I hope when she looks at it, she will remember her time there and the views accompanying her every day at work.

The painting will now hang in Madingley Hall indefinitely alongside the portraits of previous Directors.