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Just Right
Just Right
Oil on Canvas
52" x 34" inches Framed

Just Right


Featured as a full page in Style Magazine, and in Cambridge News.

'It's a beautiful detailed painting, giving the classic tale a contemporary feel.' - Style Magazine, June 2012.

Having painted red haired Rachel as Red Riding Hood gone bad, and brunette Bryony as Alice/Mad Hatter, it seemed fitting that the blonde in the ongoing fairy tale series should be yours truly.

The story of Goldilocks And The Three Bears has been one I've been eager to paint for a while. Maximus (The huge teddy bear I won in a raffle fifteen years ago) has been sat in the corner watching me paint with a pleading look behind those shiny eyes for too long to ignore.

So I pulled together an outfit that a mischievous Goldilocks would be proud of, set the scene and convinced my long suffering sister to be my photographer while I posed, cold porridge and all. While I refrained from throwing porridge at the wall for reference, my very understanding mother destroyed a tablespoon for me in the name of art. You can see it in the front of the picture next to the upturned bowl.

There are four bears in this painting, but only the most eagle eyed of you will notice the fourth. My Goldilocks thinks she's beaten the beasts by trashing their cottage and maintaining control of the three she has in the room with her. Shame she is blissfully unaware of the real 'Daddy Bear' looking in through the window at the state of his house.

It was not a conscious choice to include animals in this series of paintings, but I like the extra interest they bring to the pictures so I will carry on the tradition with the next one I do. What will that be? Well, you will have to wait and see.