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Oil on Canvas
52 x 34 inches Framed



Featured in Cambridge Explorer Magazine.

The model for this painting is my little sister. I wanted to create a piece that truly reflected her as she was at the time.

She adored reading, dressing up and standing out from the crowd. Anyone who knows her would agree she lived in a world of her own, and still does. I chose an Alice in Wonderland theme for this painting because the story is one of her favourites and however hard life gets, my sister always seems to stay in her own wonderland.

Believe it or not, I didn’t need to buy any props for this painting. Her outfit is one she frequently wears (top hat and all). She even owned a white rabbit named Ziggy who you will see at the bottom of the painting.

Instead of choosing one scene from the book, I decided to take different parts of the story and incorporate them in to one picture. My sister sat in our living room for the painting with a curtain draped behind her. I added a curve to the wall so it was reminiscent of being down the rabbit hole. The pink top hat is a tribute to the mad hatter who I’m sure my sister relates to... She holds her teacup in one hand and a pocket watch in the other whilst smiling up out of the painting. By her feet is the white rabbit and a small door behind her is a nod to the ‘Eat Me, Drink Me’ part of the story where Alice grows too big to get out of the room. It was also a way to portray my sister’s larger than life personality.

This painting was a labour of love and took a few months to finish, but I will always look at it and remember my eccentric sister, aged nineteen going on nine.