Heloise Toop - Cambridge Portrait Painter
Raffi's Gang
Oil on Linen
23" x 36"


I was commissioned to paint these three utterly adorable children after the family visited my Open Studios exhibition in the summer of 2012. The children turned up at my house in the clothes they thought best expressed who they were. We had the little boy in a question mark shirt, which was great as he was very interested to hear all about how the paintings were made and kept asking questions. I love it when children are so genuinely interested in art, and when you ask their opinion they never mince their words! The little girl in the middle jumped through the door in a frothy, pink net tutu, and a sparkly hair band. A girl after my own heart! The littlest girl came in clutching her baby toy, Raffi, who she clung on to the whole time. It was only right to feature him in the painting. It was a true pleasure to paint this trio.
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